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 for English language publications, articles, marketing materials, Press releases and web

We provide content creation services for a wide range of functions, from magazines and professional journals to Press articles, releases and the web. We also provide technical writing services for product or service manuals. Your text will be written in a style to suit the chosen function and target audience. Material destined for translation and publication in several languages is written to enable translators to maintain content fidelity and message emphasis. We can also edit your own content for your chosen target audience and style.

Our team members have diverse professional backgrounds and long experience in communications projects in technology, industry, trade and public administration. We follow the latest developments in business and industry affairs around the globe as well as sector specific news. This maintains freshness in writing and awareness of the cultural influences upon projects for international audiences.

In preparation for writing we study the background and relevant material in depth, working with the client company to build knowledge to ensure that what we write achieves the customer's objectives.

What we write

  • Press releases - for industry/business sector publications or national/regional news

  • Articles - targeted at specific audiences or wider audience brand building material

  • Expert interviews and personal stories - as often used in industry sector journals

  • Columns - regular pieces which can focus on topical issues or image building matters

  • Reportages - bringing life to such things as event participation and happenings for the benefit of the company

  • Promotional materials - from hand outs to product and service brochures and the web

  • Technical - manuals, material safety data sheets and product specifications for use in sales and service

  • Papers - for submission to medical and pharmaceutical journals

Our services have been used in the following sectors:

 Industries: automotive - machinery and electronics - maritime - forestry, wood and paper - chemicals - biomedical technology - pharmaceuticals - defence
Academics: business and management, human resources, philosophy, medicine, engineering
Government:  European Commission (over 20 Directorates), intergovernmental organisations and NGOs

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