Proofreading and editing (EN/DE)                  Need help in a hurry? - see our on-call service
in English and German for all forms of business, scientific, industrial, academic and organizational communications


We provide proofreading and editing services to businesses, organizations and academic clients. We modify the text as necessary to suit any application. Your documents will have the right choice of language style and vocabulary to convey your message to best effect.


We proofread and edit:


  • Regular communications such as reports and customer magazines
  • Speeches, presentations and seminar materials
  • Journal, magazine and book articles produced for the relevant Press
  • Product support materials, instruction manuals and technical documents
  • Promotional Materials
  • Website content
  • Contract content, terms and conditions
  • Papers - for submission to medical and pharmaceutical journals
  • Theses and dissertations
  • Papers and articles for submission to academic and specialist journals




Proofreading or editing - how can we help?

Proofreading will correct the spelling and grammatical errors (e.g., punctuation, compound words, prepositions), as well as review the choice of vocabulary and sentence structure.

Editing will pay attention to the items listed in proofreading and in addition we will look at the consistency of the document language as well as style and tone, the language of the target sector and the vocabulary employed. We can work with your completed documents or with the raw drafts of text which need to be edited to final quality. We can also produce sub-edited text which provides more concise documents where needed.

While we edit to produce final quality documents we are always happy to look at alternative types of expression to achieve the objectives of the communication. You can see all the changes we propose and you decide which you prefer to use. We aim to retain as much as possible of the original author's approach to the subject while paying attention to the objectives of the text and the target audience language expectations.

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