On call service - proofreading, editing and origination(EN)

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This service is for clients who need a service to check, edit or originate texts which are needed quickly. These may be, for example, short texts for business proposals, contracts, instructions for clients, meeting information or items in presentations. It may be only a few lines to be checked which may have critical implications or parts of a proposal that need to be clear and easily understood. These tasks may arise regularly or on an infrequent basis. Our service is designed to meet this need whenever it arises with quality work and sensible prices. We have been trialing this service over the last year and it has been found really useful for busy clients.


Contact us to register and start using this service. Prices are based on our standard proofreading and editing rates plus a small premium for the fast response service and are only applied from when we work on your text. In any case, we will save you money and potentially a lot of problems if your original text is unclear or inaccurate. See our prices page.

What do we do?

Proofreading or editing

Proofreading will correct the spelling and grammatical errors (e.g., punctuation, compound words, prepositions), as well as review the choice of vocabulary and sentence structure.

Editing will pay attention to the items listed in proofreading and in addition we will look at the consistency of the document language as well as style and tone, the language of the target sector and the vocabulary employed. We can work with your completed documents or with the raw drafts of text which need to be edited to final quality. We can also produce sub-edited text which provides more concise documents where needed.

Origination - We are often asked to take a piece of rough text or notes in English and then produce final polished text which does what the client needs. Sometimes this requires a short discussion on the phone or sharing a document on screen to make sure we have the right level of detail and a good understanding of the function of the text.

If we do not meet your expectations - you do not pay.

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