The team

Paul Allison
Paul Allison is the owner and CEO of Interpress. He has been a key person in the company and has worked within other companies and organizations. Paul has over 20 years of experience in communications projects for science, trade, industry and public sector organizations (in particular EU-projects) in addition to journalism and adult education. Before settling in Finland, he was a founding partner in an English communications project management company.
Education: University of London (English language and communication, teaching degree) / University of Essex (mechanical and industrial engineering)
English (mother tongue), French, Spanish

Steve Smith
Steve Smith's core competencies are in
science and medical writing such as for international scientific publications. His work has been published in the Lancet and American Medical Association journals. His writing has been used by leading medical communication agencies and major pharmaceutical corporations. In the area of congresses and symposia Steve has been active in presentation development and speaker training. He also trained and worked in the teaching of English as second language.
Education: University of East Anglia and University of Sussex (biological sciences and scientific communication), City College Coventry (TESOL teaching qualification
Languages: English (mother tongue), Spanish, French

Neil O'Toole

Neil O'Toole has been working for 10 years in the field of education and training. He has taught Business English and worked across all 3 International Baccalaureate (IBO) programmes. He is now a trained IBO workshop leader and site visitor. Before becoming a teacher, Neil worked in film and television for 3 years.

Education: Trinity College Dublin, European Studies with German and French. University of Wales Aberystwyth, M.A.
Theatre, Film and Television Studies. National University of Ireland Galway, Higher Diploma in Education.
Languages: English (mother tongue), German, French

Michael Möbius
Michael Möbius has been working for more than 20 years in the field of adult education and vocational training in Finland. He has been teaching German in different educational organisations such as private language schools, the department of Germanic languages at Helsinki University and others like evening schools and secondary schools. His expertise ranges into business, technology and science.
Teacher’s College Zwickau/Germany (Teaching diploma German language and Musical Education.) For that reason his teaching experience includes cultural courses, musical education.In his own company he has been working as a translator, specializing in technical, commercial and cultural and scientific texts.
Languages: German (mother tongue), English, Finnish

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